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Oh hey!

You might wanna know a bit more about the person behind the camera - so hi, this is me! I came to Australia a couple years ago, initially just planning to stay a few months for work and travel - I ended up not just falling in love with this beautiful country but also with a very special person that made me relocate from Germany to Straya permanently!

I studied Business Psychology, but found my passion in travels, concerts, and - photography. While mainly standing in front of the camera for a few years, I always enjoyed taking pictures myself. It started as a creative outlet but I quickly got excited about the idea of capturing actual emotions and stories between people, which made me start my own photography business.

What makes me feel alive? I grew up in the mountains, so give me snow and skis and I'm happy! But I love the ocean just as much. Warm summer nights. Sunsets. Sunrises. Nothing compares to spending time out in nature, exploring and making memories. I'm also a proud dog Mum of my two girls Betty and Impi.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through my website and if you like what you see, maybe yours can be the next story I'm telling.

X,  Carolin



This is about you.

It's not about the perfect picture. It's not about me. It's about you. The real you. What do you wanna remember of yourself and your loved one(s) in 20 years?

Photos are your memories. They are what stays, for a lifetime. It can be a simple shot of you and your children playing in your backyard or it can be the one that captures the first kiss after you said 'Yes' to each other. Photos freeze this moment in time, forever to be treasured and cherished as they can bring back emotions felt years ago. The excitement, the love, the laughter. They are what remains after these moments are gone.

To me, photography is about creating an experience together. I wanna capture the magic that's there when you forget about the camera, the big and the little moments. I wanna capture your mud stained wedding dress and your midnight pizza snack, your kids teasing each other and climbing trees.

So if you're after genuine emotion and someone who is 100% invested into capturing moments that matter to you - I'm your girl!


I offer weddings, couples and family sessions - which also include maternity and newborn photography (and yes, you are SO welcome to book a couples session if you have kids - take some time for yourselves and maybe we can get some nice anniversary photos? I'm all for it!) I am based in Bendigo but I am more than happy to travel and I also come to Portland a few times each year!

My wedding packages start at $1,600. I'd be SO honoured to capture your biggest adventure! I don't just wanna be the photographer, I want you to feel like I'm your best friend by the end of it - and I promise it's gonna be SO much fun!


Please fill out my contact form if you're interested in any sessions and I'll send you my pricing guide through! 

X Carolin